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Business Finance

Our team is committed to providing financial solutions that align with your business needs. With access to funders across banking, non-banking and private capital, we are not limited by a few lenders and can step in and help when others have given up. Whether you need funding for working capital, expansion plans or equipment financing, we can help

Our team consists of experienced professionals who will work closely with you to understand your business needs and provide a comprehensive solution

  • Working Capital Finance

  • Cashflow Lending

  • Invoice Discounting

  • Supply Chain Finance

  • Trade Finance

  • Short Term Finance

Property Development Finance

Macarthur Finance & Capital stands as an experienced and reliable partner for securing property development finance for projects of all sizes across Australia. We help our clients obtain finance for all types of development, including land subdivisions, townhouses, apartments, over 55s, industrial, commercial, Child Care, Boarding Houses and other specialised assets.

We help developers access a wide range of finance options. Traditional bank finance, while often conservative, can provide substantial loans for many projects. Non-bank lenders offer alternative options, are more flexible in nature, and are usually willing to fund projects that banks may deem risky. Private finance allows developers to work with groups and individuals who provide funds on a project basis. Mezzanine & Preferential equity, a form of investment, gives investors a priority claim on assets and earnings, offering a balance between senior debt and common equity.

SMSF Finance

At Macarthur Finance & Capital, we understand the complexities and potential benefits of SMSF finance. This investment strategy allows you to expand your portfolio while simultaneously growing your retirement fund. We provide a thorough analysis of the financial implications, ensuring our clients fully understand the responsibilities and risks associated with SMSF investments. Our team will walk you through each stage, from loan application to final settlement and ensure all transactions comply with SMSF regulations.

  • Limited Recourse Borrowing

  • Residential and Commercial Properties

  • Banking and Non-Banking SMSF Lenders

  • SMSF Loan Refinance

Home and Investment Property Loans

Whether you require finance to purchase a home or investment property or need a line of credit, at Macarthur Finance & Capital we will do the searching – and come up with a solution right for you. With access to many lenders, including the top banks and non-bank lenders in Australia, we can compare loans from a range of options to find the most suitable loan product for your individual needs. Our goal is to help you secure a loan at competitive rates with features that suit your requirements and lifestyle. We also offer expert advice on how to structure your loans effectively.

  • Home Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Refinancing

  • Bridging Loans

Equipment Finance

Macarthur Finance & Capital offers equipment financing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We provide flexible finance options, whether you are a small business looking for a few essential pieces of equipment or a large corporation in need of a full fleet. We can work with your accountant to source the most finance option given your business' tax position. Each option has varying tax treatments and it is important to maximise the benefit where possible.

  • Leasing (finance & operating)

  • Novated Leasing

  • Commercial Hire Purchase

  • Chattel Mortgage

  • Vendor Rental

  • Escrow or Progressive Drawdown

  • Insurance Premium Funding

  • Floor Plan Finance

We Help Clients Obtain Funding Where Other Brokers Can’t

Tailored Loans

Tailored Loans

Macarthur Finance & Capital knows the finance industry – and tailored loans are how we do business. No two circumstances are the same. And it is our relationships with our clients and lenders that ensure we deliver the right loan at the best rate.

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Difficult Loans

We look at difficult loans as being possible. Some borrowers may give up – not realising that criteria for lending can differ from lender to lender. At Macarthur Finance & Capital, we know each loan is unique. Even though it may be difficult, it's not impossible. 

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Larger Loans

We have funders who can fund larger and more complex loans. These loan structures are unique as more risk is involved. At Macarthur Finance & Capital, we have relationships with lenders (bank, non-bank, private) to help get those loans approved.

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